"Israel" to the garbage dump of history

By Carsten Kofoed, Free Iraq Blog of Denmark, August 16, 2006
Recently, famous Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder called the existence of "Israel" in question. Immediately, he was accused of "Anti-Semitism" by Zionist commentators. To them, the existence of "Israel" is not a matter of discussion, but that existence is exactly the core of the problem.


"Israel" is an artificial state that in 1948, in the light of the Holocaust, was established in the midst of the Arab world. The Jewish state was born by war and expulsion of the original Palestinian inhabitants. Therefore, today six million Palestinian refugees live around the world. In the meanwhile more millions of Jews from the whole world have been invading the land of the Palestinians, which they claim has been given to them by God. They are now living on the soil of the expelled Palestinians and in their homes.


As "Israel", where non-Jews are second-class citizens, has been founded on the basis of a world-historical injustice, there will never be a just, and with that, a lasting peace in the Middle East before "Israel" – this 51st US state – is gone, and Palestine again is free and Arab from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.


Sent as a comment (150 words maximum) to the Danish press on August 16, 2006.

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