We will combat your bloodthirsty god!

By Al Nasser Bi Ismillah

Al Moharer - Iraq patrol

For one million Iraqis innocents you killed

with your beastly bloodthirsty hands!

In a coalition drowned to the neck in the blood of my people!

A coalition, now dead, gone, cursed and so you will be!


With your pig Brit friend,

Conscience you never had!

You stole the bread from my people's mouth!


In the name of an Arab people

You sold!

You, the west servile dog!

You the humanity scum

You sold glorious Iraq!

To foreigners!


You sold our Iraq to the Evil

You the puppets

The stooges of your western masters!


Thousands scores we have to set together!

And by God almighty we will prevail!

Triumphant we are!


This is Baghdad, you who sold Baghdad!

Baghdad will return!

Baghdad will come back more delicious than a dream,

proud like a date palm!


Every wound is painful

Every wound will heal!

And every wounds will seek revenge!

We never accept injustice!

And for ever we will avenge Justice!

Iraqis become fierce lions,

Iraq becomes a furnace when aggressed!


Fascist US? Your bloodthirsty god?

We will combat your fascist god !

We will throw your god into Gehenna's bottomless hole!

Fascist idol Zion Archdeacon Bush!

Your god is no god!

It is an insipid idol just like you are!

It is stuffed with dollars!


Your god is a monster god, fascist Bush!

Your god is blind!

Your god is deaf and dumb!

Your idol Zion god is foreign to us!

Your god we will destroy and walk upon!

We will combat your god!

We will combat your god!

We will combat your god!


Kuwait dwarfs

Golf eunuchs, to the last Saudi chimps!

Egypt tyrant son of a pig Brit!

We will fight your god too!

We are coming to throw you into the bottomless hell!

We will cover you with thousands curses!


For the gods you worship, Kuwaiti piglets,

US masters' servile dogs, has nothing to do with ours!


Their god is the US dollar!

Their god is the Satan dwelling in the black house!

We don't worship the same God!


We believe in God who elevated heavens without pillars!

We worship God who gave us the holy Koran, as a mercy and tenderness to the believers!


See your idol Zion god getting slaughtered

in Mesopotamia!

The land of the Two rivers!

We will dump your god into the rubbish bin of history!


And your US fascist master' collapse shall be proportionate with its tyrannical might

it uses to bully the disinherited and the poor people of the world.

The US collapse is nearing and looming..

And the believers will rejoice.

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