Release Tareq Aziz and All the Detainees in Occupied Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid,

The Iraqi Detainees in Occupation Jails in Iraq are ill treaded or tortured physically and mentally. This ill treatment is a general daily occurrence practiced by the beasts of George W. Bush in Occupied Iraq and it is widespread. The lies of George W. Bush and his fake democracy cannot be hidden or camouflaged anymore because they are very visible in Iraq… President Bush falsely claims that "The U.S. is committed to the worldwide elimination of torture and we are leading this fight by example. I call on all governments to join with the U.S. and the community of law abiding nations in prohibiting, investigating and prosecuting all acts of torture." --- George W. Bush, U.N. Torture Victims Recognition Day, June 26, 2003 ---

In fact, the United States President is calling on the World to join him in terrorizing and torturing the prisoners of his war of aggression in Iraq and in Afghanistan. So much of this terrorism has leaked out to the media but the World unfortunately has not taken any firm move to eliminate the torture in Iraq or Afghanistan occupation camps and jails.

The International Red Cross Committee was informed many times about the ill treatment and torture of the Detainees in Iraq but no stand was taken by this institution. The INCRC instead of exposing the terrorizing act of the occupation forces in Iraq took the stand of the aggressors by keeping silence.

The members of the legitimate Leadership of Iraq succumbed to severe torture and inhumane treatment. The President of Iraq was mistreated and tortured, also the Vice President, Mr. Taha Yasin Ramadan, had to treat his wounds with water and salt, no one was spared the abuse of the malpractice of Bush’s democracy. Some of the detainees died from torture or by depriving them medical care or good nourishment.  Some  became very frail and dying in their cells that are not fit for animals and less for human beings such as Tareq Aziz.

Mr. Tareq Aziz, the legitimate Deputy Prime Minister of the legal Government of Iraq is no exception. His health is deteriorating very fast and rapidly he is approaching his death in a small cell, that according to his Lawyer, is not fit for dogs. The cells where the leaders of Iraq are kept do not see the sun but darkness and they are not allowed to exercise or see the sun more than few minutes a day.

The health of Mr. Aziz is very grave. He suffered strokes many times. He has no teeth.  He cannot speak clearly as a result of the strokes, diabetes and lack of teeth.  He was promised a set of dentures, but as usual, a promise is a promise, which was never fulfilled.  If the Master is a liar what do you expect of his thugs? Are they any better? No!

When they visited him Friday the 13th of January 2006, he appeared very frail and wrapped in raggedy clothes. The dignified man never received the clothes that his family sent to him through the Red Cross.

The Deputy Prime Minister was an eloquent speaker; he was elegant and articulate with a wide knowledge and widely respected. Now he is very ill and mistreated by the thugs who occupy his country, Iraq.

If the ICRC is not able to meet Mr. Tareq Aziz at all in his detention, where he is combating a terrible disease, this clearly shows its serious complicity with the occupation forces that must be exposed.

The family of Mr. Aziz appealed several times to the Vatican, to The Pope and to many prominent Christian clergy to intervene on his behalf to help his release but there was no response. Even this Religious Christian Body did not acknowledge the human cry of the family of this great human being nor do they acknowledge his suffering.

Since the Religious Institutions and the International Red Cross Committee failed to take a firm action, we hope that the International Movements, and especially the US Anti War Movement, would take the initiative to:

- Recognize the legitimate Leadership of Iraq and work seriously for releasing all the detainees.

- Recognize that the Iraqi National Resistance as the sole representative of the Iraqi people, not the stooges of the racist and sectarian parties, who were imported from Iran on American and British tanks.

- Work harder for the release of Tareq Aziz and his Comrades, the legitimate Leadership of Iraq.

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